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Parrilla Meat, hamburger, fish, potatoes and piglet

Asado con lechon

The most common use for the parrilla is to have a tasteful asado with Argentinean beef, but there is a wide variety of other delicious meals you can prepare that we listed here below:


When we talk about meat, we mean beef. Typically, for your guests, one calculates 1/2 kilogram of meat per person, typically one part with asado (part with ribs) and other part lomo de chorizo or vacio (thick loin cuts without bone). Besides that, you also put chorizo sausages and morcilla (blood sausages). Once the coals are hot enough, you salt the meat with parrilla salt, put the meat on the grill, wait till the juices are showing coming out on top, then turn them over, and wait again till the juices show on top, and then ready to serve.

Parrilla fire and asado

Hamburgers and Frankfurters

For family with many children a great way to serve parrilla is with hamburgers and German sausages. The hamburgers and sausages are already salted, so no need to further salt them. And check once the crease of the meat appears on the top of the burgers, and then turn them around. Once again the crease appears on top, they are ready to serve. With the sausages, you have to check the color once they get already more brown, and then roll them 180 degrees and once also brown on other side, they are ready to go.

Hamburgers on parrilla

Satay and skewered chicken

A delicious Indonesian recipe is to grill satah (or also called sateh), that can be made with meat or chicken and skewered on a stick. Easy to do and quickly done as the meat is cut into small pieces. With some peanut sauce you will not keep your hands off!

satah on parrilla


Another delicious meal is fish with trucha (trout) and dorada. Cut the fish open, pour in the lemon and rinse it heavily with olive oil and fish herbs, use a special metal tray that helps you to turn the fish once one side is ready, and again grill on both sides.

Asado with fish

Parrilla with fish


In parallel you can cook also potatoes witout using the grill space. Wash the potatoes and wrap them up in aluminium foil. Then once the fire is burning well, put them in the coals directly and turn them around after around 15 minutes and let them cook for another 10 minutes. In the meantime you put the meat on the grill. once ready, cut the potatoes open and serve them with a pinch of butter and salt. 


Another recipe is lechon or piglet. I used half a piglet of 8 kg, soak it with a lemon and put on the grill, Put a metal baking plate on top to conserve the heat and leave it for 3 hours, then turn it for another 3 hours, and you get a tasteful meal to share with your family and friends.

Asado with lechon or piglet

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