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Patio Fountain and Vertical Garden

Patio fountain on wall

The patio fountain is centrally located in the patio of the house. It is 1.6 meters by 90 cm wide and 60 cm deep. Surrounded by green, it comes out quite well and articulates the nature in the patio.

Fountain in patio of casa chorizo     Fountain in patio

It is centered in the patio, so it can be seen from all sides of the patio and faces one of the interior doors to the patio.

The back of the fountain has custom painted tiles and a red border that symbolizes the red line through the garden and terrace. The sides of the tank are with white rectangle cobblestones. The water is circulated with a small underwater pump on a clock and the water comes out through a rusted square plate that lets the water fall with a mirror curtain in the tank. 

Fountain in patio with tiles design      Patio fountain at night 

The patio design was something we were looking for with a lot of green with water flowing and the fountain forms a key part in this.

vertical garden with real plants

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