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Roof Terrace Design

Remodelling of terrace of Casa Chorizo

We use the roof of the house as a terrace that with the architects was divided in several parts. On the side where we have most of the time sun, we put a swimming pool, together with a deck.

The layout stretches 25 by 9 meters and is shown below:

Layout Plan of Casa Chorizo terrace

The deck has a stairs to reach the swimming pool, and an additional sitting space and sun deck behind the house's chimney. 

Terrace with swimming pool

You can find more details about the swimming pool and the deck by clicking on the right or below on the respective posts.

rooftop Pool with leds

Parrilla and dining space

Then next to the guestroom under the roof, we built a 1.5 meter wide parrilla (Argentinean barbecue) and put a kitchen with sink to grill the food. We also had a special bar table built with wheels that sits in the kitchen area, but can also be moved to the dining space. The dining space is large and open air where we can put a number of long tables to enjoy with family and friends. For the floor we used a terracotta colored micro cement to give it a rustic look.

Roof terrace floor   Parrilla argentina

Terrace Grass and Open Air Cinema

On the other side of the terrace, we put grass for a play area, with a little play castle from Little Tikes on top. And there we also have two columns to hang the 3.5 meter wide screen to have the open air cinema.

Roof terrace with grass


The terrace has a fence that provides a glimpse tothe patio below and have 4 lampposts that lightens up the terrace and can be seen from the patio. The parrilla area also has 3 LED spots installed, while the swimming pool has another lamppost and 4 large LED lights within the pool.

Roof terrace with pool and parrilla at night
We now enjoy the terrace every moment we can, being in the open air living in the city center, but feeling like being outside in the campo.

Open air cinema on terrace

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