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Rooftop Swimming Pool

The rooftop pool was an important element for us to have. Both for the children to play as well as for us to swim daily. And with the temperatures getting to over 40 degrees Celsius, we were looking for a good and maintainable place to cool down.

Swimming pool on roof terrace with lighting

Swimming Pool Dimensions 

Swimming pool with Cascada
With the architects, we decided to place the swimming pool on the roof of the house on the side which would get most sunlight during day and early evening. As being on the roof, it was difficult to put a too large pool there as the roof and walls would not hold it. If being too small, the roof pool would not suffice for the original purpose for us to enjoy and swim.

At the end we decided to have a rooftop pool that measures 3.2 x 2 meters with 1 meter depth. That provided enough space to play and with a special belt system to swim.

The pool we selected is made of fiberglass to avoid any leaks and have lower maintenance. We bought the pool with all pipes installed and included also the pump to filter the water on daily basis. You can find more details on the construction and deck installation in another post Pool Deck and Pool installation.

Pool Waterfall 

On top of the pool we installed a mirror waterfall that pumps 12,000 liters of water per hour through the pool. The waterfall is recirculating the pool water to avoid using any outside water tank and we installed a key so that the water either goes through the waterfall or through the jets. In both cases, the water is being recirculated and filtered.

Cascada en piscina   Cascada en pileta

The waterfall is around 1.8 meters high, 80 cm wide and due to high pressure (a flow rate of 12 thousand liters of water per hour), it keeps its mirror flat shape till it falls in the pool. It is very refreshing for the kids and in the night it provides a great visual display as well with the installed pool lights.

Pool Lights

The roof pool has 4 LED lights installed that can change its color with a remote control and provides a colorful light show in the evening and night. It is great for kids to use the pool then, cooling down with the high city temperatures.

Pool with led lights

The LED lights are energy efficient and obviously waterproof and not being connected to 220 V, these lights are less dangerous to people in the pool if something fails. The lamps we used measure 16 cm in diameter and use 9 Watts each. Note that you need to ensure that the cables are installed well and being accessible later if the lights have to be replaced. In our case, we had to replace 2 of the lights as water entered, and started to malfunction. It was due to a product failure and the shop replaced them for free.

Swimming in the Pool

To swim in a smaller pool,there are several systems to use to keep the swimmer stationary. I used a streaming pool before which is great, but costly and needs a lot of space. And they are not always easy to use as you have to specifically swim the same speed as the water flow and keep yourself in a central position where the flow is strongest. 

Another solution is using swimming resistance belt that are also used for competition. We opted for this system and bought  a special elastic resistance belt from TYR. I tried several resistance cords and belts, but this one is the best for swimming practice and daily use as its elastic cord is quite strong. It is a swimming belt that you put around the lower part of your waist and keeps you in place while swimming. The other side is attached to a wall or a column. Our pool size fits perfectly an adult swimming with this resistance cord.

Swimming with harness resistance cord

There is another swimming harness I use that is better for beginners and children and is less competitive as that belt has more stretch and is easier to use as it does not require that much force as the TYR one. And if you want to exercise back crawling swimming, you can also use a swim ankle strap that is tied to your feet.

It works, but limits your legs more than the waist belt that I definitely prefer more, even for crawl. 

The movie clip below shows that the pool is wide enough that even 2 people at the same time can swim one with the waist belt and the other one with the foot straps leash.

Pool Jets

The pool has on the long side two jets above the water that streams the water while filtering. They were specifically installed above the water mirror that provides an additional refreshing effect.

Pool terrace with jets streaming water

The rooftop pool provided us a definite enjoyment we were looking for. It is a permanent and maintainable structure with a fully automated cleaning system. And it is nice to the eye and gives tranquility when not used.

Pool terrace with tiles with reflection

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