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Doors and Windows Casa Chorizo

The doors of the Casa Chorizo harmonize with the house facade and present together its status in the barrio. The high front entrance are typically two door parts equally divided where the right part is used for opening the door. The left part can also be opened, but more when necessary for widening the opening to get more space to enter larger things. 

Puertas Casa Chorizo

Looking at the door styles, the doors can be rectangle or with rounded top, dependent on the facade style as described in Styles of Casas Chorizo

The material of the front entrance is made from hardwood or forged metal. Some made completely of one material, others have windows with metal protection to provide additional light inside during the day, now typically blocked with curtains or blinded for privacy reasons. The doors are decorated with various ornaments to emphasize its style and status.

Below these doors there is a marble plate, the so called umbral, that resists the daily traffic of people walking in and out. And on top there is an additional window that normally cannot be opened, but more to provide additional natural lighting.  

The internal doors and windows are made of hardwood and have a type of window on top called "banderola" that can be opened. The windows that face the street typically have the hinges below and fall down by releasing a metal chain, so it protects from anyone entering from the outside. 

Window Casa chorizo
The internal doors and to the patio also have this top window, but they can be also opened sideways. 

The deeper you get into a casa chorizo, the materials are more economic and lack the decorations you see with the front entrance. For instance the bottom of the patio doors are made of granite instead of marble below the front entrance.

More details about the layout of casa chorizo can be found in the following post Layout of Casa Chorizo.

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