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Lunch & Dining Space

With the Argentinean Parrilla on the terrace, we also wanted to ensure that we can facilitate lunching and dining on the same level. 

Roof terrace with table

We already had a large table but also wanted to have a bar table that could be easily moved from one to the other side of the terrace. A special carpenter helped us wtth a special 2.5 meter tree trunk we bought in Patagonia and made this bar table with wheels. 

Bar table made of cipres wood

The top is one piece of hard wood and the original curves and rings are nicely preserved and shown.

Cipres wood bar table     Bar table of cypress wood

To dine or lunch we can use either one of the tables in the center of the terrace, close to the parrilla and kitchen and with on one side the pool and on the other side the play space and cinema.

Roof terrace at night

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