Facades Casas Chorizo

Fachada casa chorizo

"No hay dos casas chorizo iguales" I once said, and tried for a long time to see if could be wronged. But to find a similarly coloured or even same styled house, to my own (non) surprise, I have not been able to find one yet.

Otra Casa Chorizo Fachada

These houses either have their short or long side facing the street. some even have both if being located in the corner. But the layout stays the same, the "chorizo" of rooms interconnected through internal doors which give these houses its famous sausage name.

Mapa Casa Chorizo

The fachada (facade in Spanish) of the casas chorizo were designed as a reflection of the families living inside. The high doors, windows and ornaments positioned the social ladder in the barrio. Now with these houses being replaced by high-rise, they are becoming more and more a memory how once the streets were lived in the early 20th century.




I collected over 400 photos of the colorful fachadas of casas chorizo in Buenos Aires to show the beautiful patrimonio of this city. If you have any pictures you want to share, please send it to our email info@casachorizo.net and will add your photos to this gallery. 
photos of casas chorizo


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